About Us

Welcome to our totally independent effort to inform and empower European cancer patients and the people who care about them!

As a two-time cancer survivor who began my cancer journey in 1996 in the US, and continued it living in Europe for a time, I am excited about helping to lead a movement of increasingly “powerful patients” around the world.

Things are changing in Europe. Patients are asking questions. They are reaching for more confidence and more control. And it comes with knowledge. Fortunately, Europe’s leading medical experts want patients to be smarter, to play a greater role in their care, to investigate clinical trials, and to have hope – even with some of the most serious conditions. PatientPower.eu is the online place where this happens.

As founder of patientpower.info in the U.S. 9 years ago and now patientpower.eu I have lived this story myself. I have had two cancer diagnoses, chronic lymphocytic leukemia in 1996 and myelofibrosis in 2011. In both cases a connection to experts and to other patients has been lifesaving. And that is what we hope for you starting right here.

Please explore our new site, visit us for updates, give us suggestions, and tell others about patientpower.eu.

We wish you the best of Health!

Andrew Schorr